The Ballad at Banjo Crossing reviewed by Kate

The Ballad at Banjo Crossing, written by Tess Evans who wrote the lovely Mercy Street, is about a small country town being targeted by the mining industry and how they are able to rally around and work together to have a voice. The main characters in the book are Mardi, a widowed mother of two, Jack – a man who is new to the town and has been drifting for two years and who has a fabulous secret to hide, and the towns folk including business, farmers, hippies and all in between.
Jack and Mardi hit it off, but it’s rocky; working together to stop the mine their feelings grow deeper and more complicated. His desire to keep his secret away from others is strong, but so are his new feelings.
The Ballad of Banjo Crossing is an easy read, with a good mix of love, country fight and drama. I read it over two days as I wanted to know the secret – and I would never have guessed it!

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