The Best of Adam Sharp reviewed by Annie


Many people would know Graeme Simsion from his best-selling novels The Rosie Project and The Rosie Effect. His latest, The Best of Adam Sharp, is a new story for him, but in a similar style. Central male character Adam is trying to come to terms with himself and the love in his life in a quirky, humorous way.

At twenty-six, Adam works in IT, and has come to Australia from London on a short term contract. He plays piano on the side and one night while singing at a bar, in walks Angelina.

He is instantly taken by her as they talk and then sing together. She leaves with the territorial man she came in with. Adam tries to find out more about her and discovers she is an actor in a television soapie, and the man she was with on the night is her husband. Despite this he cannot help himself and pursues her. She finally falls for his charms and they have an affair.

Twenty two years later she has left her husband of her twenties, remarried and has three children. Adam has been in a long-term relationship, but his partner, Claire, is offered an opportunity in the States. Adam wants to stay in the UK. And then Angelina emails him.

He has held a candle for her the whole time, never really able to give Claire the best of Adam Sharp. She invites him to join her and, interestedly her husband Charlie, and they try to work out if they have a future as a couple.

I am of the same era as Adam so his music choices that came up in the book, and the playlist at the back, I knew well.

I was once again taken in by the story and the characters, even the minor players are well rounded. I was able to just immerse myself in it, reading quickly and with pleasure. This is sure to be another best-seller for Simsion and I look forward to more from him.

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