The Book Ninja reviewed by Kate

The Book Ninja , written by Ali Berg and Michelle Kalus, is an easy to read, fun, romantic comedy. Frankie is desperate to find a partner and love. With a history of failed romances and hurt, she embarks on an adventurous way to find a partner – leave books on trains for people to find. In the book is her name and email. Through this Frankie goes on a spate of dates, with varying results. These are then written into a blog which is hilarious. 

Frankie has only two friends – Cat who is pregnant and has a long term partner, eccentric, spontaneous and incredibly loyal, and Seb, a high school student who is infatuated with Frankie. Frankie’s mother and father are also quite eccentric. Together they make a firm circle of chaos and fun around Frankie. Enter Sunny, who doesn’t quite read the rights books according to book snob Frankie, but sparks fly anyway, just not always in the right direction. 

The use of literature and the role this plays in some of our lives is a beautiful theme throughout the book – the way we relate, interpret and judge through words. The Book Ninja‘s characters are all well developed and explored – their flaws, uniqueness and needs all come together and twine around each other. 

I loved this as a casual read that was fun and entertaining. 

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