The Book Ninja reviewed by Vivian

Frankie Rose is in a slump! She’s 28 years old, single and a writer whose second novel received the ‘worst possible reviews of all time’. Understandably, after those reviews Frankie was scared to write again. Currently Frankie whiles away her days working with her best friend Cat at The Little Brunswick Street Bookshop. Being a lover of books and reading Frankie concocts a plan to find the man of her dreams. She plans to plant books, that she has enjoyed reading, on trains with an email contact in them in the hope a single male will respond. Needless to say things don’t quite go according to plan! Meanwhile she meets Sunny who turns her world upside down. Can she date Sunny while continuing with her experiment which has inspired her to write again?

This is a lovely, light-hearted read about losing love and finding love. I enjoyed all the book references, although this just added to my list of books to read! Clearly the authors are very well read often citing quotes from various books. There is a side story with her married and pregnant friend Cat who is going through her own crises. I would have liked this storyline to have been explored some more. An enjoyable read.

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