The Boundless Sublime reviewed by Kate

the-boundless-sublimeThe Boundless Sublime, written by Lili Wilkinson, is a fabulous young adult fiction. Focussing on Ruby, a teenager who has lost her family in different ways through the tragic death of her brother, as she tries to make sense of who she is with a welling grief inside her. She meets an irresistible boy, Fox, who is part of a cult which Ruby is pulled into.
The book is quite addictive, I felt the need to know what happens, how far things will go and what the cult is all about. Dealing with issues of isolation, grief, group mentality and how cults are able to draw vulnerable people in, are all experienced through the eyes of Ruby, with the introduction of other cult members along the way. The plot moves quickly enough and with the right amount of suspense to keep young readers interested, but also raises the question of what happens to vulnerable people.
I really enjoyed this book, it reminded me a bit of books I read in my youth such as Go Ask Alice and Jays Journal, with the same desperate teen angst and isolation.

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