The Boundless Sublime reviewed by Vivian


Ruby is at a very vulnerable stage in her life, she is attempting to navigate her last year of school along with all the stresses and angsts of being a seventeen year old.

But Ruby also has to deal with the loss of her brother, Anton, which she believes to be entirely her fault. Her mother has mentally checked out and seems to be a shell of the person she once was. Her father is facing a jail sentence as a result of Anton’s death.

Then she meets Fox. He is standing on a street corner handing out free bottles of water and he ‘sees’ her. He immediately sees the grief that she is living with. He sees how it pulls her down and he sees how she is hurting. He sees that for Ruby nothing will be normal again even though people around her pretend that everything is normal. And he offers her hope, he offers some light and relief from the darkness. Fox introduces Ruby to his ‘family’ and for the first time in a long time she feels like she belongs. And so begins the indoctrination into The Boundless Sublime.

Wow! This is such a powerful book. If you have ever wondered how anyone can be lured into a cult then read this book. Lili Wilkinson cleverly depicts the attraction of a cult and how through their mind games and brain washing it’s possible for people to remain in cults. And you must read through to the final pages. The final words are magical and powerful which can speak to each and everyone of us. An amazing journey into the world of cults.



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