The Easy Way Out reviewed by Michelle


Imagine you are terminally ill.  You have exhausted all medical interventions available to you and you have only a short time left.  If there was a drink you could have that would end your life, would you take it?

The Easy Way Out is a clever title for a novel that explores such a complex and highly debated topic – assisted suicide.  I have always believed that it should be the absolute right of the person to take control of their own life, including how it will end.

In this novel Steven Amsterdam introduces us to Evan, a nurse whose role is to give his patients their last drink.  We slowly begin to see assisted suicide from the perspective of the person who administers the ‘drink’ and the effect his role in his patients deaths has on his own mental wellbeing and relationships with his mother and friends/lovers Lon and Simon.

This book is so honest and raw that there is no sugar coating the nature of what is happening.  I found myself confronted and a little more understanding of the hugely complex ethical and moral concerns associated with assisted suicide.  I wish I had more eloquent words to describe The Easy Way Out, but ultimately it challenged my thinking, my perspective and its story will keep you engaged until the very last word.

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