The Family Next Door reviewed by Vivian

Any Sally Hepworth novel is a good read guaranteed and her latest novel is no exception. The Family Next Door centres on three families living in Pleasant Court. On the surface each family seems to be living the perfect life – beautiful houses, loving partners and adorable children. But Sally asks the question ‘How well do we really know our neighbours?’

Although, the families are all nice and neighbourly they have never been very close and behind closed doors each household has its own struggles. Then along comes Isabelle Heatherington and all of a sudden the atmosphere changes. Why would Isabelle, a single woman from Sydney with no children, rent a 4 bedroom house in Sandringham? And how is it she seems to know so much about the children in the neighbourhood.

The Family Next Door is a page turning, entertaining read. Focusing on the women in the story she does draws attention to the many struggles of being a wife and mother and then adds a bit of mystery with Isabelle, who’s underlying agenda is ultimately revealed. Interestingly, Sally wrote this book when she was pregnant and had time to ponder on what her neighbours were up to and what possible secrets they held! A very enjoyable read.

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