The Girl Before reviewed by Vivian

Number One Folgate Street in London is a house like no other. It is a highly technologically-advanced house with minimal furniture. The landlord and builder is a famous architect, Edward Monkford. But he won’t rent the house to just anybody. Edward has strict conditions – most people fail at the application stage – the application form is excessively extensive – or they stumble at the interview which doesn’t follow the normal rules of an interview. If you pass and choose to rent the house then you must follow over 200 rules.

These aren’t your normal rules either, they include – no clutter, no pictures, no plants and no books! You are regularly required to take online assessments, and amenities are disabled until you do.

But there are lots of things that are attractive, firstly it is very secure, it knows the exact water temperature for your shower and it provides a variety of mood lighting. The simplicity of the white house helps to declutter your life and just live with the basics without comproming the quality of your lifestyle.

Emma and her boyfriend, Simon are looking for a new place to live. After people broke into their apartment and held Emma at knife point she needs to live in a secure house and despite the rules, she’s attracted to the house.

But that was ‘then’ and this is ‘now’.

Jane is looking for a new place to live. She has suffered a devastating loss and wants to make a new start. But the more she learns about the house and it’s previous tenants the more mysterious things get. Is she safe in the house? Why does Edward refuse to talk about the past​?

This book is a thrilling read. The more you read the more the house takes on a personality of it’s own.


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