The Golden Child reviewed by Vivian

The Golden Child

Wendy James has written a modern tale on the direct negative effects of technology and social media. She shows how easy it is to bully people using technology and hide behind the anonymity.

Beth is married to Dan and they have two children Lucy 14 and Charlotte 12. They have been living in New Jersey for 10 years due to Dan’s work. Beth hasn’t been allowed to work in the US due to visa restrictions. So Beth started a blog about her life and being a wife and mother. It helps to keep her journo skills current and also to keep her sane.

When Dan comes home and tells her that his work were moving them back to Australia she is happy, although they will be moving to Newcastle and not Sydney as she was hoping. Beth thinks it will be nice to finally settle back in Australia and move on with their lives and lose the feeling of her life being on hold. It is also timely that they leave when they do as Charlotte was involved in an incident at school that put one of her classmates in hospital.

When an incident occurs at the girls new school it has two families questioning their abilities as parents. Do they really know their children? Are their traits inherent or moulded by their parenting? Was it something the parents did or didn’t do in their child’s infancy that could potentially affect their lives in a negative way? If your child’s actions and decisions are questionable what part have the parents played towards those actions? Can they all be held accountable? A very thought provoking read that will make you think twice about the use of technology and social media.

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