The Good Girl Stripped Bare reviewed by Jenny

In this no holds barred account of growing up in conservative Bjelke-Peterson Queensland to facing TV cameras on a nightly basis as a journalist, Tracey Spicer exposes every aspect of her life. In doing so she is on a mission to explain the price women pay to meet the expectations of men.  Starting with street abuse she faced as a teenager through to the barbs she endured as a professional newsreader there is no let up.  As she passionately and forensically examines the facts and connects the dots she paints an ugly picture for us all.

Her enthusiasm for the topic is palpable, her use of capital letters sees to that, and her sense of humour is never far below the surface, making the whole tale wild, appealing and funny. The real Tracey shines through the pages as she pushes on with the toughest stories and treatment that finally has her going to court to prove her point.

Her high profile role in television had led to a litany of abuse and sexism. She took it, she was “The Good Girl” and never wanted to rock the boat.  Eventually though she’d had enough, so she let go, cut through and found another Tracey underneath. This is the one she wants us all to meet now.

Here is a gory story all young professional women need to read. Older women at the end of their careers will cheer with her as she steps out and makes everyone face the truth. Tracey and women like her have achieved a great deal for us all. We can see it in this book and it’s a wonderful and entertaining revelation.

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