The Good Girl Stripped Bare reviewed by Vivian

In The Good Girl Stripped Bare, Tracey Spicer not only tells her life story but she also exposes the flaws of the media industry.

From a young age it was always evident that Tracey would end up working in the media industry, with her impressive writing skills and her approachable persona. However, a man’s journey in the media world is very different to a woman’s. Not only do women need to have the skills and aptitude as a journalist but they also need to look right – the right hair, makeup​, clothes and body shape. Even if you pass all the criteria don’t expect to be paid the same as your male counterparts.

Tracey has spent the last ten years drawing attention to these discriminations in order to allow the next generation of women working in media to be valued for who they are as a whole, without focussing on their appearances. She opened the door for women to fight back when she took Channel 10 to court for pregnancy discrimination. She settled out of court but it has paved the way for changes in the media industry, although there is still a long way to go.

Tracey’s book is an inspirational read particularly for those women contemplating a career in the media industry.


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