The Hate Race reviewed by Nicole


Even though the content of this book was particularly heavy (systemic racism in 1980’s Australia) it was a really enjoyable and well written story.

I particularly connected with this book as it was set around the same time of my childhood and the various things the author mentioned took me right back to my early school years. And some of the things she wrote about really made me stop and think about the era of racism that I grew up in. It was there, fuelled by students, teachers and neighbours and stalking the people who were powerless to stop it. A quote that I loved was “The bullied decipher body language like a map: honing the compass that keeps us from dark forests, and cliff drops, and fatal rapids”.

More should have been done to protect children like Maxine from these ongoing racial attacks and slurs and on reflection, it was a very sad and unnecessary chapter in Australia’s history that has left permanent scars for many multicultural Australians.

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