The Hate Race reviewed by Vivian


This book is a memoir of Maxine Beneba Clarke growing up in Australia in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Although born in Australia Maxine’s heritage is Jamaican which meant that she was often the target of racism because of her dark skin.

I grew up in the same era as Maxine, and also from immigrants, but I am stunned at how different our experiences were and this can be put down predominantly to the colour of our skin.

I’m shocked and appalled at how Maxine was treated by other children, teachers and parents. Words said in jest, or to tease, or to placate, or especially to hurt have left deep scars.

Maxine has had a lot to overcome and I can only take solace in how she has become a beautiful successful woman despite these adversities. Oh and she is a fabulous storyteller! A book all Australians should read.

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