The Hidden Hours reviewed by Kate

Written by Sara Foster, The Hidden Hours is based in both London, where Eleanor is an adult in the the present, and outback Australia where Eleanor was a child. The contrast of these two settings sits so well with the two parallel stories and the different yet similar experiences of Eleanor.

Eleanor experienced childhood trauma through family tragedy as a child, which is told in short chapters throughout the book and allows us insight into Eleanor’s current mental health and ways she manages the stress of her current crisis. Moving to London to try and start fresh and independently as an adult, Eleanor is dragged into tragedy and drama following the death of her boss’s wife, with Eleanor implicated in the death. Eleanor has no memory of the death or the night, and she has little support to draw on. As the story unfolds, Eleanor faces most of her fears and demons from her past trauma.

The Hidden Hours is easy to read and follow and is a good thriller with a few twists and turns, however it also delves into family relationships, childhood trauma, the way we try to ‘start again’ and not incorporate our experiences into who we are, instead trying to forget them or move on from them. I enjoyed The Hidden Hours, especially the contrasting stories and settings.

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