The Hidden Hours reviewed by Tara

The day after the company Christmas party, the staff of Parker & Lane, a prominent publishing company, are called together for an emergency meeting. They are informed that the body of their Director of Marketing and Publishing was found in the river at dawn. The company requests that all staff co-operate fully with the police investigation.

The last person seen with the victim was Eleanor, who has worked for Parker & Lane for three weeks. The morning after the Christmas party, Eleanor woke in her own bed, half-dressed in wet clothes and dirty feet, with an incriminating piece of evidence and a significant memory gap. She cannot remember what happened after the boat docked or how she got home. Ironically, all she can remember are the ghosts she moved to London to escape.

As she struggles to remember the hidden hours, Eleanor is forced to trust family and co-workers that she has only known for a short time. Her search uncovers many hidden secrets and multifaceted interpersonal dynamics. Chaos ensues and lives are endangered before the murderer is finally exposed.

This book was well paced and dynamic. It was difficult to anticipate who the murderer was amidst a complex group of suspects. Each relationship has an element of suspicion and the integrity of most characters is in question until the conclusion.

As the story progresses it becomes evident that Eleanor is running from the past. Foster effectively conveys the resurfacing of traumatic childhood memories and the convergence of the past and the present in a way that gives good insight into Eleanor’s interpretation of events and adds depth to the story. The technique used to introduce different viewpoints of characters and add peripheral details to Eleanor’s experience also works well.

I enjoyed this book and would recommend it.

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