The Hidden Hours reviewed by Vivian

Eleanor Brennan has decided to leave Australia and start anew in London. She has had a traumatic childhood (which is slowly and cleverly revealed throughout the book).

She moves in with her distant uncle, Ian, and his family. Ian’s wife, Susan, is a high flying career woman and is the CEO of Parker and Lane, a publishing company. She helps Eleanor to land a job at the company as a personal assistant to Nathan Lane.

Three weeks later, and despite not really knowing anyone, Eleanor decides to attend her work Christmas party. Here she meets party girl, Arabella Lane, a publishing executive and wife of Nathan. Arabella’s father is also the owner of Parker and Lane.

The next morning Arabella is found dead in the cold Thames River. Nobody knows if she was pushed or jumped and Eleanor was one of the last few people to see her alive. Only problem is Eleanor can’t recall what happened. Foster’s clever writing keeps us guessing about suspects and motives and definitely has you guessing to the climatic ending. A great thrilling read.



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