The Last Days of Us reviewed by Kate

The Last Days of Us, written by Beck Nicholas, is a young adult book dealing with grief, drug and alcohol use, young love, chronic illness, relationships and finding yourself at a such a vulnerable age and stage. 

Zoey is almost 18 and has lost her brother. Her, her best friend, her ex boyfriend and his two cousins go on a road trip to see Zoey’s favourite band. ZOoy has big dreams for the trip – to win back her ex, Finn, and put her wild child persona behind her. 

Finn’s cousin, Luc and his sister Jolie, who are also on the trip make Zoey open her eyes to herself and the grief she has been living with since her brother died. Luc also offers an alternative for her teenage lust and love. 

The Last Days of Us is a sad story of loss and love and is a reminder of how hard this age can be – the responsibility of adulthood alongside the ability to live free. This is an easy, quick read and is an enjoyable one at that. 

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