The List reviewed by Jenny

The world of terror is all around us and we have no idea where it might strike next.  This is the reality that Michael Brissenden taps into in his fictional account, The List.  Reading at times like a headline article and with the hallmarks of current news The List is a gripping story.  A veteran from Afghanistan, the police dedicated to stopping terror and the various personalities in a local Muslim community are all connected as awareness grows of something really big brewing.

Brissenden draws on his knowledge and experience from years as a news journalist creating a scenario and personalities that are totally believable.  The characters could not be more true-to-life and the settings are real. The young Muslim woman in the police force who knows more than she should, the Muslim leader who is working his way up the political ladder and the Prime Minister determined to avoid controversy are all part of the mix as handless bodies keep piling up.

The exciting climax Is played out in Canberra and it is the feeling left at the conclusion of the story that crafts the book’s true value.  The possibility of disaster working with disordered minds creates a sense of unease. The fear this book elicits is the whole point.  Read it, be alert and be alarmed.

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