The Love That I Have reviewed by Kate

The Love That I Have is set is set in Nazi Germany 1944. Margot is assigned a job in the mailroom of one of the prisons. Margot is a kind, caring, dreamy young adult who wants to find true love in the war torn world she lives in. When she is told to burn prisoners’ letters she starts reading some and directing them to their rightful owners. Margot comes across love letters to a Jewish prisoner at another camp from a prisoner in the camp she is working in. She forms a short friendship with the man, which is then stolen away through violence and revenge when the Nazis are defeated. 

The Love that I Have is a story of resilience and seeking kindness in an environment that is shrouded with death and misery. Margot’s character is naive and vulnerable, but she is also strong and caring – wanting to find the good in the world. Described by one of the SS Officers as “one small flame of devotion still alive amid the depravity” did more that describe Margot – it summed up the all of the scenes in the book around desperation, exploitation and nastiness. 

The book is set in a time that is well written about, and this is another story of some of the beauty that one individual tried to bring to the lives of another. 

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