The Lucky Galah reviewed by Kate

The Lucky Galah, written by Tracy Sorensen, is a unique book told by a bird. Lucky tells the story of his life in a small town with his owners. Within the story Lucky tells the tale of the first moon landing and the impact this has in the small town in Western Australia, where the satellite dish is placed.

Lucky sees into the lives and minds of the Johnson’s, who have come to the town through NASA – city folk adapting to country life. Their neighbours, the Kelly’s are country folk who own Lucky the galah initially.

The relationships that are developed in the book are strong and full of kindness, jealousy, lust and difference.

Lucky is able to pull out the strengths of each as well as the desires. Lucky is a great narrator. He sees so much and tells his own story of being forgotten and then being loved, which is also reflected in the human characters.

A great book that offers difference through narration but also the subject of space and outback Australia.

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