The Lucky One reviewed by Tara

Keep your secrets, tell your lies

Who is the lucky one? The Pinkhound company thought they were lucky when their offer to purchase the historic Aden Castle was accepted. As they begin to excavate the historic ruins to plant orchards, an employee digs up a partially decomposed, partly burnt body, that has been recently buried in a shallow grave. As the excavation proceeds, their luck continues to fade.

Luck seems to have shined on Fiona and Jesalyn, who have put aside their differences to negotiate the sale of the Alden Castle estate to release the funds tied up in the Alden Stowe family trust. Their families are the recipients of the Alden-Stowe family trust and, even before the conditions of the sale are met, they are anticipating the ways they will spend their inheritance. Yet the cracks begin to show. As secret after secret is uncovered, their plans unravel and their luck begins to tarnish.

The Lucky One is full of unexpected twists and turns as bodies are discovered, loyalties are challenged, family roots are questioned and suspicions rise. The startling connections are revealed in a chilling conclusion.

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