The Lucky One reviewed by Vivian

Six months ago a billionaire development company bought the grandiose Alden Castle Estate. The castle is 150 years old and is situated in the Californian wine region of Paso Robles. The previous owner was Owen James Alden-Stowe the third, an 83 year old recluse living with dementia.

The heavily debted castle could only be sold under numerous conditions. The stipulations included all the family needing to agree to the sale of the estate and Owen was to remain living on the grounds until his death. As the new developers start to excavate the grounds, workmen find a body in the graveyard. Although it’s not unusual to find a dead bodies in a graveyard this body clearly had not been dead for very long. Not long after another body is found on the estate. Are the two connected?

The story is told predominantly through the eyes of seventeen year old, Eden, Owen’s granddaughter, where we learn about tightly held family secrets and the bitterness between family members. Slowly the families lies and schemes unravel as we get closer to discovering the events of the mysterious deaths on the estate. Caroline Overington has once again weaved a strong story that has you captivated from the very first page to the thrilling last few pages but this ending may not sit comfortably with some people!

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