The Making of Christina reviewed by Jane

Christina is a single mother raising a small daughter when she meets Jackson. She is an interior designer and he is a very wealthy, very married client. From this meeting they begin a relationship which lasts for many years. Christina is happy and her daughter Bianca adores Jackson.

This book takes us back and forth in time. It is clear from the beginning that something has gone very wrong, and as the story unfolds we, unlike Christina, have deeper insights and a creeping horror about what is happening.

The book raises a plethora of questions. Is Christina a ‘bad’ mother? Has she put her happiness ahead of her daughter’s? Should she be condemned?

More tellingly it is a portrait of the sly manipulation of a woman by the man she loves.

This is not a comfortable book to read, but it is beautifully structured and written. It is a book that will sit with you, and one you will want to discuss with others.

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