The Memories that Make Us reviewed by Vivian

Gracie Ashcroft is 26 years old, a homewares stylist and engaged to marry Blake. But Gracie doesn’t remember any of this – having survived a terrible car accident she has completely lost her memory. She is refusing to see anyone except her best friend Scarlett.

Gracie decides to move to Summerhill, a property of 5 acres left to her by her mother and to rebuild the flower farm. She feels the need to remember things on her own terms without other people filling in the gaps. She needs to be able to make sense of her own life but it may be at the expense of those around her.

At Summerhill Gracie reconnects with the flowers she grew up with, which teach her about love and compassion. I really enjoyed this book and didn’t see the twist! I also enjoyed learning about all the different flowers which are ‘more than its petals’. Carnevale questions and explores – with no memories would you fall in love with the same person twice? A great holiday read.

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