The Mother’s Promise reviewed by Annie

Sally Hepworth’s third novel The Things We Keep was just pipped at the post as my favourite book of 2016. Her latest The Mother’s Promise is another great novel.

Alice is diagnosed with ovarian cancer, the disease that killed her mother. She has spent most of her adult life caring for her only daughter, Zoe, who suffers from social anxiety disorder. Her father has also died, her brother Paul is an alcoholic, and she has lost contact with her friends.

So she has no-one to turn to help her, or fifteen-year-old Zoe, while she is having treatment. In step Kate, her nurse, and Sonja a social worker appointed to assist her. Their lives become interwoven and the issues these women face are dealt with. Kate’s struggle to get pregnant is covered with sensitivity, as is Sonja’s marriage that is not all it appears to be on the surface.

Hepworth makes you care about each of these characters, and become more aware of each of the problems they are experiencing. I could not put this down. If you haven’t read her books before, and you love books that tackle topical matters, add her to your list.

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