The Woman in the Window reviewed by Kate

The Woman in the Window, written by A. J. Finn, is a thriller based around Anna Fox, a psychologist who has agoraphobia and hasn’t left her house for 11 months.

Anna has a traumatic history involving her husband and daughter, so she stays inside where she is safe. She watches people through the window and has a good synopsis of various families and houses in her street. She makes friends with her new neighbours who come to visit, and then sees a horrible domestic violence incident in the house. She calls police but there is no evidence that it happened, nor that the wife has ever existed. The story continues and takes twists and turns that just make you keep reading.

Anna Fox is likeable and it’s easy to develop compassion for her as her story unfolds through the book. She’s kind, clever, caring and wants a better life for herself. The Russells, the new family are well developed with a lot of mystery and intrigue.

The Woman in the Window is well written and developed with a build-up that keeps on giving.

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