This is How it Ends reviewed by Kate

This is How it Ends, written by Eva Dolan, is set in England. It follows Ella, a social media sensation who wants to beat the system and help her local community to stay as it is. Ella is a fiery young woman who becomes embroiled in the activist community and takes part in several rallies, demonstrations and activities aimed to dismantle business and systems.

Ella has a deep history herself which becomes apparent through the story. She is friends with other activists, including Molly, an older woman who has been an activist since the 1960s and still is. Molly and Ella end up in a predicament involving a body down a lift shaft, and this leads to the two being dependent on each other, but also causes a rift between them. 

This is How it Ends looks at poverty, activism, relationships, domestic violence, sexual violence, corruption and lies. The characters are all intertwined, and near the end a few new characters appear who add to the richness of the story and take it on a new tangent. 

This is How it Ends is an easy read, and brings to light the world of activism and betrayal that can exist within any system. 

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