Tin Heart reviewed by Sara (14)

Tin Heart by Shivaun Plozza is a funny, loveable book that will take you through a rollercoaster of various emotions.  Based in Australia, it follows the story of a young girl, Marlowe Jensen, after her life-saving heart transplant.  Marlowe struggles to take back her life, to become more than ‘the dying girl’.  To make it worse, Marlowe’s mother is a dedicated vegan, who owns an organic food shop, and demands that Marlowe and her little brother, Pip, participate in protests against animal cruelty.  This, along with Pip’s insistence on dressing up like it’s Halloween every day, brings Marlowe into the spotlight, exactly where she wants to avoid.  If that’s not enough for Marlowe to face, she is devastated when her donor’s family refuse to make contact with her.

It’s not all bad news though.  Along the way, Marlowe makes friends with a rebellious lesbian, a girl with a love-heart tattoo and the son of a butcher.  These friendships grew to mean more to Marlowe that even she knew, and were, at times, the only thing that kept her sane.  In face of the bullying Marlowe experienced, her friends supported her, and helped her know her own value.

Shivaun Plozza wrote a book that was funny, heartfelt and heartbreaking, all at once.  This book teaches you that you have to embrace life at the fullest, that you only get one chance.  It also teaches you the importance of words, especially one particular word: sorry, because sometimes you can’t do anything except apologise, and sometimes that’s okay.

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