To Know My Crime reviewed by Kate

To Know My Crime

To Know My Crime, written by Fiona Capp, follows Ned, who has tried to do right by his sister who has been left a paraplegic after an accident. Having lost all of their money, Ned decides to embark on a career in blackmail, however he chooses a man who is capable of being far more ruthless than Ned can be.

Set in a waterfront area called Millionaires Walk, the tale of richness and extravagance is coupled well with loneliness and desperation.

Fiona Capp has written a novel that is really quite captivating – the depth of characters and the vulnerability that is displayed from each one is beautiful and brought about feelings of both anger and empathy for each one, and the dark deep hole they dig for themselves. Each character is quite complex – Ned who wants to be carefree but also carries the burden of trust, Angela his sister who has her own guilt and detachment from people, Mai who helps Ned, and Morrow – the politician at the centre of the story with his ruthlessness, sense of entitlement and desire to be perfect.

Put together they form a great narrative that ends dramatically and captures all of the emotions of each character perfectly.

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