To Know My Crime reviewed by Vivian

Angela, a psychoanalyst, is left a paraplegic after a tragic accident. Her brother Ned has returned from a carefree life of travelling the world, to look after the needs and finances of Angela, along with her carer Mai.

Just when Ned feels this is his calling and what he is meant to do, his world comes crashing down. Ned entrusted the family’s money to Fraser, a long time old friend. However, the 2008 global financial crisis has seen all the money disappear and there’s no sign of Fraser either.

Ned doesn’t know how to tell Angela as he doesn’t want to face her disappointment. But as chances have it Ned overhears a conversation between a politician and a property developer. Ned realises he can use this information against the politician to procure monies and once again secure Angela’s future. But can he follow through and live with the consequences?

I expected this story to be solely about blackmail and all the intricacies and downfalls associated with this type of crime. However, there is so much more to this story. There are many layers to the story and it’s characters. The book not only asks the question ‘how far would you go for the ones you love?’ but also can you live with the consequences of those decisions. What risks would you take for your loved ones? Is someone’s life more important than lining a politician pockets?

Fiona Capp has written a very engaging story with interesting subplots including complicated relationships. I enjoyed the story to its climatic end.


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