Truly Madly Guilty reviewed by Kate

truly-madly-guiltyTruly Madly Guilty, written by Liane Moriarty, follows Clementine and her family, her best friend Erika and her husband, and their neighbours Vic and his wife. They have a barbeque, where an event takes place that changes their lives in different ways. The event is at the centre of the book, and to be honest it takes a long time to get to the crux of it. Each relationship and character is explored in depth both post and pre event.

Once the event is uncovered the relationships and pathways of each character develops further as they try and deal with ‘making it better’.

The book covers many aspects of relationships – trust, sex, how we perceive each other and our expectations of people in our lives. Issues such as hoarding, mental health issues, parenting and work /life balance are all well represented in the book. All in all the book covers a lot, with the event itself being a bit muffled by other issues, however it does all tie in and the characters are all so likeable and quirky!

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