Try Hard reviewed by Michelle

Try Hard

In my opinion, the perfect addition to summer holidays is a great book to read.  I was looking for something light-hearted and when reading Try Hard I was invited into the wonderfully loving, chaotic and hilarious world of Em Rusciano.

I remember Em from her Australian Idol days and from the very occasional times I caught her radio show, but after reading her book, laughing and crying along with her I feel like I truly ‘get’ who Em Rusciano is.

She takes you on a journey starting by showcasing herself and her beloved dad about to perform her cabaret comedy show at a prestigious venue in Melbourne. You then go back to her childhood, meet her parents, her husband Scott and the few friends who influenced Em throughout her career and life. Her story includes lots of laughter, hardships, a strong love of John Farnham and all things with glitter and sparkly sequins.  She’s loud, loving and calls it how she sees it!  Despite the haters and difficulties of making it in the entertainment business Em has worked extremely hard to get to where she is now and beautifully acknowledges the people in her life that helped her get there.

If you’re not opposed to the occasional curse word (because let’s face it sometimes you need them!) then as she eloquently puts it at the beginning of her book, grab a glass of red wine, get comfortable and enjoy as you laugh and cry along with Em. (While reading, I laughed aloud so much that I cried!) You are guaranteed to get to know the gorgeous heart that is at the centre of Em Rusicano and she will quickly become one of your favourite Aussie entertainers.

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