Waterhole reviewed by Sara (14)

Waterhole by Fiona Bell is a gorgeous book centred around ghosts, mysteries, betrayal and the waterhole near the town, as deadly as it is beautiful.  Despite this, it is heart-warming and funny, and a story about finding yourself as much as it is about finding others.  The ‘finding others’ component, is, of course, about Dylan Kovslovski, a young teenage boy that has gone missing.  Sunny Maguire, who recently lost her mother in a car accident, throws herself into the search for the young boy.  While doing so, Sunny see’s inexplicable visions, of both her mother, and Dylan (who, in these visions, is dead).  Confused and scared, she turns blame on Kevin, her step-father, who is also hiding a secret.

While the beginning of this book was slightly predictable and similar to many before, it took many twists and turns which made it thrilling and exciting; I could never predict what was going to happen next.  A story similar to the waterhole it is based around, this book will suck you in when you least expect it and won’t spit you out until the very last page.

This book is relatively short, at just under 300 pages, and is a very quick read due to its light writing style.  I guarantee you will not put this book down until you finish it, and even then, it will haunt you, just as Sunny’s mother haunted her; not unwelcome, but somehow ever-present.

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