Words in Deep Blue reviewed by Kate

Words in Deep Blue

Words in Deep Blue, written by Cath Crowley, is a beautiful story about love – love of people, books, words and life. Rachel and Henry are old time friends, who secretly love each other and eventually find out and they all live happily ever after. The beautiful and unique part of this story is the use of books and literature and a second hand bookstore called Howling Books.

Henry’s family own the bookshop, which is losing business, as mirrored in real life for bookshops. The bookshop has a section, the Letter Library, where people can write in books, mark pages or sections, leave letters and generally indulge their own literary finds within the book.

The Letter Library allows the younger characters in the book to reveal themselves to each other, including Henry’s sister, Rachel’s brother and a young man who works at the shop.

Words in Deep Blue is a lovely book. It covers a range of areas – self discovery, grief, moving through life, family relationships and how there are many ways to communicate. I really enjoyed this book, anything that brings me back to thinking about books and how they mean so much to many people is a good thing. Young adults and adults may like this book, as its relatable on many levels.

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