Words in Deep Blue reviewed by Vivian

Words in Deep Blue

Henry Jones loves Amy. They have had an ‘on again/off again’ relationship for years. Amy has just decided it is ‘off again’. Henry is devastated and wants to win her back. Contrary to the beliefs of those around Henry, he believes she is the one for him.

Henry Jones and Rachel Sweetie have been friends since they were kids. Three years ago Rachel and her family moved away from Gracetown. The day before they moved she wrote a letter to Henry declaring her love for him. She placed the letter in his favourite book, in his family’s bookshop, where he was sure to find it. If Henry felt the same then he needed to seek her out before she left. Henry never showed.

Now three years later Rachel has returned to Gracetown and is working alongside Henry at his family’s bookshop. Rachel convinces herself she is no longer interested in Henry, besides she has other things on her mind, like coming to terms with the death of her brother Cal, only 10 months earlier. Her emotions are still so raw that she hasn’t even been able to tell any one in Gracetown about his passing.

This is a love story but the path it takes is a very crooked one and there is so much more happening that the story keeps you reading and intrigued to see not only what will happen but how it will happen. A great young adult novel.

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