Wreck reviewed by Kate

Wreck is a young adult book, written by Fleur Ferris. Tamara Bennet is going about her day, preparing for university, when she arrives home to a ransacked house, and is abducted. Tamara is pulled into the world of a rich and famous Australian family, who had a boating tragedy five years ago, resulting in one of the children, Christian being left out at sea.

Tamara has found a note from Christian, in a bottle on a beach, and this causes the family tragedy to come out, as one family member tries to cover up the truth and another desperately tries to uncover the truth. Poor Tamara is caught in this and faces abduction, chases, murders and a start to her university year that she didn’t ask for. 

Wreck is a fun, fast, suspense book and would appeal to young adults who are looking for a move into books with a bit more edge and thrill to them. The characters are well developed – Tamara moving into adulthood and taking on the challenge of doing what is right, Knox, the family member trying to cover up the truth is cruel, manipulative and deceptive (and gets away with it all), and William, trying to uncover what happened to his cousin Christian is kind but determined and not afraid to use violence and deception where needed. 

 I enjoyed Wreck and would recommend it for high school readers

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